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Brand new Membership for artists, photographers and designers

I’m really excited as I’ve been super busy doing what I like best! Well, first some art, and then setting up my brand new membership for creatives – artists, photographers, crafters, etc. who would like to learn new creative and creative business techniques with monthly coaching! This is probably what I do best – helpingContinue reading “Brand new Membership for artists, photographers and designers”


How to Create a Certificate of Authenticity for your art

When you print and sell an artwork it’s always good to include a Certificate of Authenticity and a thank you note when you send it to the buyer. Make sure it’s in your brand colours with your brand logo if you have one. If you are making a limited edition (a number of copies ofContinue reading “How to Create a Certificate of Authenticity for your art”

Belated Happy New Year

Hello, lovelies. My computer broke down on the 23 December, and I’ve only just got it back! Not a lot to say at the moment, though, I’m gradually drifting into some of my projects. As usual, I’ve entered the Shift Art free digital art challenge. I’m a bit rusty so the outline of the girlContinue reading “Belated Happy New Year”

This month’s Digital Art Challenge, an imagined album cover

I spent the weekend working on a new piece for the free Shiftart Challenge. You need to incorporate 3 images and a texture together (you have a choice of images to choose from). The subject this month is to design an album cover. Here’s my final entry, together with a variation. In the second one,Continue reading “This month’s Digital Art Challenge, an imagined album cover”

Creating a printable journal, other creative musings and a recipe!

With all the offers going on over the weekend I haven’t had much time to write or create. I’ve even bought a couple of things in the black Friday sales…. The first is a compliancy tool for my other blog which is the same as this blog only for the creative biz education side ofContinue reading “Creating a printable journal, other creative musings and a recipe!”

A few creative updates

I haven’t posted for a while, but I’m still work in progress on my creative activities! This week I’m doing the monthly photoshop challenge with It’s a free challenge and you get to practice your skills. This is last month’s entry – the theme was water, the sea, the ocean, etc. I called thisContinue reading “A few creative updates”

Latest art (vintage planes and cars)

I’ve just joined an art challenge over at They give us a selection of images to use and a theme (this month’s challenge is a transportation theme), and you create an image. I didn’t know what to conjure up, but here’s my entry: I was on a bit of a ‘transportation’ roll after finishingContinue reading “Latest art (vintage planes and cars)”

Creative summer round-up, some new art and a free branding kit for you

My brand new eBook Haven’t been posting here much lately as I’ve been writing an eBook….woohoo! Talk about tiring, but satisfying. I’m not a writer so it was quite difficult for me. But, I have teaching and creative digital strategy knowledge, so wrote about what I think is useful for creative folks who would likeContinue reading “Creative summer round-up, some new art and a free branding kit for you”

How to package Artwork and Art prints, a photo art magazine creative updates

Hello lovely creatives! Hope everyone is having a lovely creative week. Just a few quick updates. I’m busy writing some articles for my other creative biz blog. If you like you can take a peek here and if you like you can sign up to receive my creative tips email newsletter. My latest post isContinue reading “How to package Artwork and Art prints, a photo art magazine creative updates”

My Creative week and a fantasy landscape

This week I sent in my latest photo art to the shift art challenge. The topic this month is fantasy landscapes. As usual we were given some images to choose from Pixabay. I really liked the image of the girl and umbrella so used this as a focal point. This is my entry: I’m notContinue reading “My Creative week and a fantasy landscape”

My Creative week

Have you ever seen the film ‘Out of Africa’ with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford? Well, I’ve been working on a piece this week and for some reason it reminded me of this wonderful film! After this ‘dreamy’ version, I also went a bit wild and made another one in a more modern style. AnyContinue reading “My Creative week”

My Creative week and Monthly free Shiftart Photoshop Challenge

A free photo art challenge Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! I entered the free Shiftart Photoshop challenge again this month. I enjoy doing this free challenge every month as it keeps me practising my photo art. The challenge theme was ‘angels and demons’. Shiftart provides all the images to use and you composeContinue reading “My Creative week and Monthly free Shiftart Photoshop Challenge”