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My Creative Week and Digital Art Design Collage for the weekend

Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well. I’ve spent some time the last week working on some digital designs. I just loved these exotic flower images from design cuts, so couldn’t resist using them in this collage. Here’s wishing you a lovely weekend (and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it). As you probably know,Continue reading “My Creative Week and Digital Art Design Collage for the weekend”


My Creative week and digital art challenge

I’m still participating in a digital art challenge in my art group until the end of January. The idea is to do three quick images in under an hour and upload to the dedicated fb group and if we miss a day we go back to square one!.. I seem to go from one genreContinue reading “My Creative week and digital art challenge”

My creative week and two new artworks…

Hello Everyone. First of all…..a big thank you to all who got a copy of my FREE ebook on how to sell your art online! Feeling really chuffed about it. 🙂 There’s still chance to get a copy at the link below. It’s a basic few steps for hobby artists & creatives (and photographers) whoContinue reading “My creative week and two new artworks…”

Whimsical Mary visits an art gallery

Just a quick post today. It’s already a busy week and it’s only Monday….. I did this whimsical piece a while ago. I really enjoy throwing images together sometimes that don’t have a real meaning and seeing what comes up. Oh yes, before I forget….If you’re interested in my brand new online course you canContinue reading “Whimsical Mary visits an art gallery”

Creating a Monochrome Photo Composite Collage

Sometimes the photo you are editing is the wrong size or shape or you want to give more depth or interest to it. When I did a course by Sebastian Michaels (photo artistry expert and instructor) & Brooke Shaden (a fantastic artist) I learnt to add on extra parts to a photo composite. Basically youContinue reading “Creating a Monochrome Photo Composite Collage”