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My creative week so far…..and time to give up!

Well, I’m giving up on my January challenge of creating 3 images a day and uploading the best of the bunch. So I suppose I’m a bit of a failure..haha. Today I uploaded the last to my art group page. Here’s just a few of the ones I finished for the challenge.

My Creative week and digital art challenge

I’m still participating in a digital art challenge in my art group until the end of January. The idea is to do three quick images in under an hour and upload to the dedicated fb group and if we miss a day we go back to square one!.. I seem to go from one genreContinue reading “My Creative week and digital art challenge”


Happy New Year and my colorful creative day!

I spent quite a long time on this new piece! Hope you like it. Definitely needed some colour in my life at the end of this year and beginning of 2021. In the new year I’ll do a mini tutorial on how I did this piece of art. Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!

My creative holidays and a selection of spring images

Although it isn’t spring here, in fact here in Italy we’re right in the middle of a very damp winter, I had the need to do a few drawings of a minimalist spring! For these I used corel painter and created them as simply as possible. I gave each a spring name and my favouriteContinue reading “My creative holidays and a selection of spring images”

Poppies & Leaves

I’ve spent a few, fun hours dabbling with Corel Painter 2019. I followed a tutorial based on Monet’s water lilies and came up with: ‘Poppies & Leaves’. First of all I painted the background with the digital watercolour brushes and a wash effect, then added the leaves and poppies which come from a set ofContinue reading “Poppies & Leaves”